Get Ready for
Google # Hash Code Challenge!
February 28, 2019; 19:30 - 23:30
GAU Hub | Girne American University
Girne, Cyprus

Hash Code is a team-based programming competition organized by Google. You pick your team and your programming language, Google provides a real-life engineering problem for you to solve. This is an event held simultaneously around Europe, Middle East and Africa -and you will be competing against other teams at other Hubs. A live scoreboard will let you know how you are performing against the competition.

Hash Code is open to University students, and industry professionals. The Online Qualification Round will be held on March 1, 2019 at 19:30 at GAU Campus. Your team will be tasked to solve a challenge created by Google engineers using your own computer, and a programming language of your choice. To add to the excitement, you can compete from GAU Hash Code Hub!

Top scoring teams from the Online Qualification Round will be invited to the Final Round at Google Dublin. Teams will be presented a second challenge, and the winning teams will be awarded cool Google prizes. Apart from the competition, teams invited to Paris will have a chance to learn more about life at Google, meet other developers, and listed to a variety of tech talks and presentations.

All engineering students are encouraged to apply. Questions? E-mail:

Fair-play. You are not allowed to benefit from the support of any external persons outside of your team. GAU Hub will liaise with Google Paris if we think fair-play is revoked. Your team should not take any action that would prevent other teams from taking part in the contest, attempts to saturate the Judge system, saturating the local Wifi, creating disturbance, or sabotaging the work of other teams will lead to immediate disqualification.

Please fill in the following application forms:
+ Is this competition open to all nationalities?
- Unfortunately, the residents/citizens of Crimea, Sudan and Syria are not eligible to participate in this edition of Hash Code Challenge. As GAU Hub we are bound by these rules, and cannot show any flexibility on the matter. Please consult the official rules of Google Hash Code Competition before you sign up for this event. You can find the eligibility requirements under Article 1.1.D. and under Annex A:
+ Some of our team members are professionals, and some of us are students. Can we have a mixed team?
- Yes. All participants must be over 18 and they can be students or professionals.
+ When is the event?
- On February 28, 2019 at 19:30. Since you will be competing against other teams in other countries, please arrive promptly.
+ Are there other prizes?
- Yes! We have surprises lined up to keep our teams up and motivated until the late hours into the evening. There will be Certificates of Participation to all attendees from Girne American University.
+ How can we prepare for this event?
- We advise you visit Google Hash Code Website for further information on the event, and to see past problem challenges. Please see this link:
+If we are invited to the final round, will Google cover our housing and travel expenses?
-Participants will be responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodation. Participants will be able to apply for a travel grant from Google (between 100 and 500 EUR) in order to help offset these costs. If selected, participants will receive the grant after the Final Round takes place.
+ What is the Judge System?
It is the system where you will register your team, receive the problem question and submit your responses. You will have access to this system within 48 hours of your registration.
+ I want to change my team, is this possible?
Yes. You can change your team until 17 February. You cannot change your team if you are listed for Finals. If your team is left with only 1 person, then that person is automatically disqualified.
+ Do you have any other recommendations on how we can best prepare?
- We think it's important to have an understanding of algorithms in addition to knowledge of code. We advise you revise on this topic until the event date.
+ Please tell me more about scoring
- At Hash Code, you will receive a problem statement which will state the problem, and the input file format of the submission file, and the scoring rules for submission. Your team will submit its answers by uploading a file to the Judge System. The submission is automatically evaluated, and if valid it's scored. Your team can submit as many answers as you would like, and your team's final score will be the BEST submission score you have achieved. To be valid, every code submission must include a file (typically a ZIP file) containing the source code of the program you developed to generate the solution. During the competition you will submit your answers as a text file to the Judge System. You are responsible for compiling and running your code on your own computers. The quality of the code is not considered in scoring but the Jury will check for originality of the code, and may award special prizes for some achievements.
+ How will we be ranked?
- At the end of the Online Qualification Round, the Jury will establish two rankings based on the score of the best solution submitted by each team: 1 Ranking for Students; 1 Ranking for Professionals. Best team in each ranking will be invited to the Final Round.
+ Are there other prizes?
- At the Final Round, Google will give prizes to top 3 teams with highest scores. Every participant in the Final will also get a certificate of qualification to the Final Round and a Google Gift Bag.
+ Who is in the Jury?
- A Jury is composed of Google Engineers. In addition to reviewing the submission of the teams to award prizes, the Jury will also ensure honest, fair-play between contestants. The Jury may decide at any time to exclude some participants OR teams who do not follow the rules of the contest.
+ When will the results of the Qualifying Round be announced?
- All participants will be notified of the results by 5th March 2019. This date may be postponed by Google.